Designed specifically for wall or car jack mounting, the GYSFLASH 102.12 is a very powerful battery charger capable of powering up to 100 A. GYSFLASH 102.12 will keep the 12V battery voltage steady. It will provide the best charging cycle recommended for maintaining voltage in the most advanced vehicles on the market.

This high power stabilizer supply incorporating inverter technology with 5 functions:

– Battery support: sustains 12V (liquid or gel) automotive battery during diagnostic work.
– Advance battery charger: ensures an ideal charging cycle for battery maintenance for the most modern vehicles.
– Showroom mode: maintains batteries in showroom vehicles.
– In «battery change» mode, will maintain electrical supply to preserve vehicle memory settings.
– High power stabilizer supply: voltage & current adjustable.
-Includes 5m battery cable, standard wall mounts and power cord.

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